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Choose from; filter, whole bean or cafetiere.

The Allpress Espresso Blend is sweet, balanced and complex.
It’s the flavour Michael Allpress built a business on and it’s still their signature coffee.

If you are unsure which beans you want, give Ged a call on 0113 2242284 between 10-3pm and he tell you which ones to order.

Image of Porcelain Leather Wrap Cup
Porcelain Leather Wrap Cup
Image of Beans through the Letterbox
Beans through the Letterbox
Image of Ceramic Mugs
Ceramic Mugs
Image of Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher
Image of Pre-Paid Coffee Card
Pre-Paid Coffee Card
Image of Loose Leaf Tea - Twin Pack
Loose Leaf Tea - Twin Pack
Image of Jams & Chutneys
Jams & Chutneys
Image of Independant Coffee Guide
Independant Coffee Guide
Image of Loose Leaf Tea - Triple Pack
Loose Leaf Tea - Triple Pack
Image of Stoneware Espresso Cups
Stoneware Espresso Cups
Image of Tea Pot
Tea Pot
Image of Stoneware Tea Bowls
Stoneware Tea Bowls
Image of Re-Usable Cup
Re-Usable Cup
Image of Haus Decaf Blend
Haus Decaf Blend
Image of Stoneware Side Plates
Stoneware Side Plates
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