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Gin Coaster Set


  • Image of Gin Coaster Set

By Corinne Alexander

- Set of 4 coasters featuring my illustrations of different London brewed beers
- Each coaster is 10 x 10cm
- Made using sustainably sourced Eucalyptus board base
- Full melamine surface which withstands temperatures up to 140 degrees
- Cork backing
- Designed, printed and made in the UK

Image of Marble & Granite Salt & Pepper Pot
Sold out
Marble & Granite Salt & Pepper Pot
Image of Hanging Planter
Hanging Planter
Image of Soy Candle - Cranberry & Triple Sec
Soy Candle - Cranberry & Triple Sec
Image of Handmade Pots
Handmade Pots
Image of Coffee Scoop
Coffee Scoop
Image of Granite Salt & Pepper Pots
Granite Salt & Pepper Pots
Image of Plant Hanger
Plant Hanger
Image of Wall Stickers - Planets
Wall Stickers - Planets
Image of Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher
Image of Ceramic Soap Dish
Ceramic Soap Dish
Image of Ceramic Soap Pump
Ceramic Soap Pump
Image of Ten Gin Bottles Tea Towel
Ten Gin Bottles Tea Towel
Image of Incense Holder
Incense Holder
Image of Praline & Coffee Bean Candle
Praline & Coffee Bean Candle
Image of Brew Tea Pot
Brew Tea Pot
Image of Wall Stickers - Geese
Wall Stickers - Geese
Image of Ceramic Toothbrush Pot
Ceramic Toothbrush Pot
Image of Tea Towels
Tea Towels
Image of Wall Stickers - Fish
Wall Stickers - Fish
Image of Ceramic Candles
Ceramic Candles
Image of Beer Coaster Set
Beer Coaster Set
Image of Wall Stickers - Clouds
Wall Stickers - Clouds
Image of Whisky & Vanilla Candle
Whisky & Vanilla Candle
Image of Craft Beer Tea Towel
Craft Beer Tea Towel
Image of Handmade Leaf Lampshade / Cushion
Coming soon
Handmade Leaf Lampshade / Cushion
Image of Gin Print
Gin Print
Image of Handmade Drum Lampshades
Handmade Drum Lampshades
Image of Vintage Cologne & Tobacco Candle
Vintage Cologne & Tobacco Candle
Image of Fun T.Towels
Fun T.Towels
Image of Craft Beer Print
Craft Beer Print
Image of Leaf Tea Towel
Leaf Tea Towel
Image of Door Wedge
Door Wedge
Image of Handmade Cushions
Handmade Cushions
Image of Hanmade Mini Hanging Planters
Hanmade Mini Hanging Planters
Image of Enamel Mugs
Enamel Mugs
Image of Plant Pot Covers
Plant Pot Covers
Image of Black Fig & Amber Candle
Black Fig & Amber Candle
Image of Sunflower Tea Towel
Coming soon
Sunflower Tea Towel
Image of Fabric Plant Holder
Fabric Plant Holder
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