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Independant Coffee Guide


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If you are out and about and need a decent coffee fix, look no further than this book!
It has over 240 of the best speciality coffee shops and roasteries in the North, Midlands and North Wales.

Image of Gift Voucher
Gift Voucher
Image of Allpress Coffee
Allpress Coffee
Image of Brew Tea Pot
Brew Tea Pot
Image of Pre-Paid Coffee Card
Pre-Paid Coffee Card
Image of Jams & Chutneys
Jams & Chutneys
Image of Loose Leaf Tea - Twin Pack
Loose Leaf Tea - Twin Pack
Image of Porcelain Leather Wrap Cup
Porcelain Leather Wrap Cup
Image of Loose Leaf Tea - Triple Pack
Loose Leaf Tea - Triple Pack
Image of Tea Pot
Tea Pot
Image of Re-Usable Cup
Re-Usable Cup
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