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Loose Leaf Tea - Triple Pack


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Loose Leaf Tea by the Brew Tea Co

Loose leaf tea made from 100% rolled whole leaves. Tea is hand-plucked from the top of the plant using its newest leaves, known as two leaves and a bud. After drying, they’re left as intact as possible and gently rolled instead of chopped.

English Breakfast;
The tasty richness of an Indian Assam tea blended with light, fresh Ceylon tea means our English Breakfast is a perfectly balanced, malty classic. Milk optional, as this is strong, but not so powdery you need to dial it down - try it black to see what we mean.

Lemon & Ginger;
The ginger in thiss blend will warm you inside out whilst the lemon (lemon peel and lemon verbena) helps keeps it fresh and light. Great with a spoonful of honey and a glug of whiskey.

Moroccan Mint;
When you're in the mood for mint you want it big and punchy, and this hits the spot. This blend includes a stronger 'gunpowder' green tea which you'll see as dark, almost black rolled leaves. This is strong enough to work with the fresh blast of mint.

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