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Silver Bangles


  • Image of Silver Bangles
  • Image of Silver Bangles
  • Image of Silver Bangles
  • Image of Silver Bangles

Handmade by Victoria Williams Jewellery

This bangle is 2.5mm thick with hammered detail that creates a triangular shape, making the bangle slightly different from the usual round shape.
Size; 7cm diameter

Bangle measures 3mm in thick with hammered detail that creates a triangular shape
6.5cm diameter

Solid Cuff with a textured Hydrangea pattern
6.5cm diametre (but can be pulled slightly larger or smaller)

Made using recycled eco sterling silver.
Eco silver is made using 100% recycled scrap silver, it is produced using a traceable and fully audited process. It has the same quality as sterling silver. It is a great alternative for eco minded people.

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