Tribe Studs - Olive


  • Image of Tribe Studs - Olive

Coloured Circle acrylic with tortoiseshell effect on stem.

Varnished plywood, acrylic, sterling silver posts and scrolls.
20 x 20 mm per earring.

Made in Yorkshire by Hall & Wade
These earrings are boxed

Image of Silver Triangle Earrings
Silver Triangle Earrings
Image of Slice Studs
Sold out
Slice Studs
Image of Drop Tortoise Shell Earrings
Drop Tortoise Shell Earrings
Image of Tangent Earrings
Tangent Earrings
Image of Silver 'Roarsome' Necklace
Silver 'Roarsome' Necklace
Image of Geo Tortoise Shell Earrings
Geo Tortoise Shell Earrings
Image of Necklace - Bluetit
Necklace - Bluetit
Image of Aqua Diamond Raindrop Studs
Aqua Diamond Raindrop Studs
Image of Stud Earrings - Bluetit
Stud Earrings - Bluetit
Image of Abstract Teardrop Studs
Abstract Teardrop Studs
Image of Stud Earrings - Goldfinch
Stud Earrings - Goldfinch
Image of Dual Studs - Olive
Dual Studs - Olive
Image of Necklace - Goldfinch
Necklace - Goldfinch
Image of Warrior Studs - Sunset
Warrior Studs - Sunset
Image of Collar Pin - Goldfinch
Collar Pin - Goldfinch
Image of Solo Studs - Olive
Solo Studs - Olive
Image of Pink and Yellow Marbled Teardrop
Pink and Yellow Marbled Teardrop
Image of Dual Studs - Sunset
Dual Studs - Sunset
Image of Hoop Tortoise Shell Earrings
Hoop Tortoise Shell Earrings
Image of Silver Triangle Necklace
Silver Triangle Necklace
Image of Peak Studs - Sunset
Peak Studs - Sunset
Image of Porcelain Earrings - Marble
Porcelain Earrings - Marble
Image of Porcelain Earrings - Dot
Porcelain Earrings - Dot
Image of Porcelain Earrings - Splash
Porcelain Earrings - Splash
Image of Geo Tube Earrings
Geo Tube Earrings
Image of Collar Pin - Bluetit
Collar Pin - Bluetit
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